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Wychwood Fly Vest - Review

After quite some time waiting, the new Wychwood Fly Vests have finally been delivered. We seen these vests in the Tackle & Gun Trade Show last year and though they would be an excellent addition to our clothing range.

As you would expect from Wychwood, the quality is excellent. All stitching and accessories are of the highest standard. The zip up the front is a YKK zip which are very good quality and not some cheap plastic zip you find on other vests. the Wychwood Fly Vest is available in sizes: Small through to XXX Large

On the back there is a very large pocket, the size of the whole back panel. This has 2 zips either side so can be accessed from either the left or right. There is also a smaller pocket which would be ideal for carrying less used materials. There is also a D loop on the back for attaching a landing net.

The vest is constructed from a mesh inner material with a Khaki green over material, the front has 2 large pockets suitable for small fly boxes and tools, there are 2 smaller chest pockets which could easily take a few spools of nylon, floatant and other tools. There are also 2 built in retractors with carabiners. There is also a small detachable foam fly patch which is velcroed to the chest pocket.

Overall thoughts: This is a excellent quality vest for a reasonable price: RRP: £49.99

We have the vest available via the website: Wychwood Fly Vest

Image of fly patch:

Image of large back pocket:

Image of front pockets:

Bromwells Bugs #4 Pseudo Bug

Our Pro-Team member Terry Bromwell has tied up a bug using Flybox Pseudo Hackle, a synthetic material that is ideal for winding as a hackle on wets, lures and bugs. 

The bug has a very weighted tungsten bead to help it get to the bottom very quickly. the pattern has produced a good few trout and grayling.

Hook: Hanak H450 BL
Bead: 3.5mm Slotted Tungsten Bead
Thread: UTC 70 denier Red
Body: Pseudo Hackle Brown
Thorax: Hends Spectra Dubbing No. 47
Tag: Globrite Floss No. 5 

Review Of The Cortland Fairplay Fly Line

The Cortland Fairplay Fly Line has been one of our best selling lines for some time. This week we took the time to see what makes this such a good line.

Cortland have been a very influential player within the fly line market for many, many years. they have produced some of the best floating lines on the market. the Cortland Fairplay Line is their lowest priced line.

The lines are available as weight forward or double taper. The weight forward are an orange colour, with the double tapers being an ivory colour which I prefer.

Supplied in a small cardboard box on a small plastic spool with two small ties holding the line in place. This was easy to undo and load on to the reel. We attached a braided loop to the back of the line and then connected this to our backing. A pencil fitted through the middle of the plastic stool and a helping pair of hands held this as we loaded the reel. We fitted a braided loop on the front of the line as there are no welded loops.

We tried the 5# double taper with a 11' vision mag 4/5# rod. the line was well balanced and the taper allowed very good presentation for both wet's and dry flies. The fairplay has a very nice supple feel and has a very small amount of stretch. It cast very well and felt well balanced with the rod.

The front end of the line is very slim and quickly come off the water when fishing dries. There was a very small amount of coiling on the line when we took it off the spool but a quick stretch rectified this and the line lay straight all day.

Overall, this is a fantastic line and the £20.00 price tag does not do it any justice, these lines can easily compete against lines in the £50 - £60 price band.

These are available on the website: Cortland Fairplay Fly Line


Selling on eBay - Never Again!!

Due to the ever increasing cost and amount of fraud we decided to close the HarveyAngling eBay account. We appreciate this may cause some inconvenience with some of our customers but rest assured you can still buy from us by visiting our website or calling us on: 01443 400766

Sadly, some customers within eBay take advantage of the payment protection offered and fraudulently claim for goods they have actually received. Our claims rate from eBay was 6 times greater than the claims rate from our website, even though these goods were always sent with the same provider (Royal Mail) and sent in the SAME mail sack. eBay simply refunded these customers and claimed the payment back from us.

Increased fraud, no support from eBay and 14% payment to them for each sale was the decider for us.

Since closing our account in February, eBay have continued to invoice us on a monthly basis for an eBay shop we no longer have. Despite numerous attempt to as them to resolve the issue the passed the debt on to their debt recover agent akinika. We were then hounded by this company by telephone and email. In June alone we had 8 emails chasing for a debt we did not owe.

The letters were very to the point and threatened court action and a judgement being issued against us.

Akinika continued to hound us despite informing them on four separate occasions that we did not owe anything. Well after spending just over 4 hours in total, it looks like we may have resolved their issue, 4 hours of our time.

Akinika and eBay were simply not interested in listening, they had messed up and we were asked to pay.

It seems the fraud in eBay lies not only with their customers but with the company itself.

Will we ever sell on eBay again?  I very much doubt it.

If you do buy from eBay, consider this: Many people that sell via eBay will have their own shop or website, take a few minutes to research them, try and see if they have a website. Contact them directly (outside of eBay) and buy direct. You may very well have a small discount as you will be saving them the 14% fees collected by eBay and PayPal.

The shop is finally full!

We are finally full, beginning to struggle for space. Any more deliveries and we will struggle. The Sea Catalogue is going to press tomorrow and distributed via Total Sea Fishing in the March issue, on sale February 14th. Stock has arrived and ready to go!


British Fly Fair International

The British Fly Fair is quickly approaching. Date is set for February 8th and 9th, 2014. Please come along and introduce yourself and see our expert fly tier making awesome patterns with simple materials.

Further information on the British Fly Fair can be found on at: http://www.bffi.co.uk/


Bromwells Bugs #3 Killer Shrimp

For the Winter Grayling Season Terry Bromwell will be sharing some of his favourate patterns. Terry represented Wales this year in the Rivers Team and went on to win the 'Brown Bowl' as the best overall angler

Terry has tied a very attractive Killer Shrimp Pattern that he uses for both trout and grayling:

Czech Nymph

Hook: Fulling Mill 35060 Czech Nymph Barbless Size 12
Thread: UTC 70 Flo Pink
Weight: Tungsten Shrimp Back
Body: Hares Ear Mixed With Hends UV Purple
Rib: Purple Medium Wire

As the winter comes in full swing and the temp drops below freezing the grayling seem to lay hard on the bottom and if your not fishing hard on the bottom your not going to catch as many. This shrimp pattern I tie and use is very heavy and fishes very well on the point, If the tungsten shrimp back is placed in the right place on the hook the hook point will fish upwards and will be less prone to snag up... I also fish this on the dropper with a large cased caddis jig pattern on the point to fish the faster waters and deeper holes of the river where there might be a new Pb lurking! who knows!